The Alchemist.

The season of Autumn, this element is about ritual, routine and structure… basically it’s the stripping away of anything unnecessary before winter – leaving behind only what is needed to go forward.

As my farmer dad would say, this element ‘separates the wheat from the chaff’.

It disposes of the waste, channeling the bare bones of what we need to get by.

So why the winds of change?

Well, I’ll admit, I’m not very metal.

When I go on holiday I pack everything but the kitchen sink, when the winds blow, I do build walls – however I have the tool of yoga that helps me build windmills and move on with only what is necessary to do so (I also have a very metal husband who tells me I have packed too much!)

Point is, I’m not a natural at getting on with it, and I’m gonna go back to Pappa Davies as an example here.

I mentioned HS2 last week? Well my dad (the farmer – who’s family the farm comes from – not my mom) is being so brilliantly metal at the moment it’s unreal.

He’s being practical, he knows HS2 teams are currently boring holes into his land, putting signs up, barricades, but he’s being practical and he’s working with them – best he can to make the current situation he has liveable and bearable.

My mom on the other hand (she’s acting how I would probably initially react) giving the v-sign behind people’s backs, and just wallowing in misery… she’s carrying so much extra baggage, and not shedding any of the sadness, that she’s trying to move forward with all this emotional torment and it’s slowing her down and keeping her stuck in one place.

Does this make sense?

Think of it like when they heard the news, an emotional backpack was placed on their backs – my dad’s approach means slowly he dropped the ‘tears’ element, then the ‘swear words’ element and so on, until he’s now carrying one of those marathon size runner backpacks – taking only what is necessary to move forward.

My mom? Well in stead she added to hers with more swear words, more tears and so on, and now hers is now the size of a Victorian trunk, and no one can carry that on their backs for long before it breaks – or before she transfers some of her backpack onto my father…

Point is, metal is structured, metal has a plan and metal can be hard to deal with when you are naturally anything but metal… the worse thing you can have is a metal type tell you what to do, you sort of have to figure it out on your own.

I’m lucky that ironically the free loving spirit of yoga helps me be more metal – it provides me with a space to breathe, think and process, and that’s good because I am the ‘if you tell me not to do something I will go ahead and do it anyway type’, so a metal type trying to restrain me, only makes me more Wood.

And for that reason I *wish* my mom would find yoga the way that I have, but she’s just not that way inclined in her head – as in despite getting so deeply affected by her heart – she lives in her head, and she’s not ‘open’ to the fact that a yoga pose, scented candle, chant or even holding a crystal can help you change your mindset.

All I can do is keep preaching…

We need metal in our lives as much as we need the other elements.

We are creatures of habit, we do need routine, we do need to get up every day, eat every day, go to sleep every day… and unfortunately yes we need to go to work as that is the way this world works – work provides, pays rent, mortgage, feeds children.

Metal might (or might not) sound like the boring element but we NEED it – it acts as a container for all the other elements and without it we could not survive… breathing is ritual and routine, right? Stop that routine and you’re, well, you get it.

So in the meantime, if you’ve read all these blogs and want to know what type you are, then I found an online quiz which is *almost* accurate as to what’s in my text book here.

To any students that want to try the quiz in my book (as you may get a slightly different answer – I discovered I was equal Wood and Fire, as opposed to Wood closely followed by fire) then just let me know, and we can do it one day after class!

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