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The third Chinese Element.

Not your usual fire as we know it, this one when in balance is calm, content, at peace.

Fire in the Chinese element is about love.

It’s that connection you get when you meet someone and you just know you’re going to get on – and not just in a romantic way – it’s that click and connect, that little spark and buzz from someone you vibe off.

To me, fire is the first part of a relationship, when you just can’t get enough of that person, you delight in getting to know them, discovering them.

But be careful, because fire can burn… too much fire and things become explosive.

Fire types can easily become over enthusiastic, excited and sometimes explosive.

Prone to burn out they can be impatient, short tempered, proud and aggressive… fire comes from the heart you see – the passion.

Summer is the season, it’s about developing to its fullest – expansion – the potential to flower and fruit, to bring love, light and awareness into the world.

The yin is the heart – but think about that, the yin, the softer side of the yin and yang is the heart – the yang is the small intestine.

It’s always good to check in and ask – how is my fire today? If it’s content, it’s in a good place, it’s in the yin, it’s calm.

Too much fire? You’ll know when you have that, so just be careful, because that fire will burn.


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