The Pioneer.

The liver is the yin and the yang is the gallbladder.

The second of the elements that is nourished by water and nourishes fire.

Wood is expansion, rebirth, growth, Spring is it’s season.

A yoga practice in wood works with twists in the body for renewal, and a cleaning out, and the hips to release and let go.

Wood is as forceful and determined as the wind, it moves through the surface breaking through the confinements of winter.


The archetypal wood personality is driven by adventure and penetrating the unknown, she contends with fate, deliberately battling adversity to tame the wilderness.

Adaptive, cunning and fiercely independent, she strikes out on her own, striving constantly to surpass her limits.

She launches a business from scratch or starts research in an unrecognised field, she treks mountains, and travels roads that are un-mapped.

She is eager to innovate, reform and revolutionise.

The pioneer steers an awesome power, but she is subject to uncontrollable impulse, likes to break rules as much as she makes them, demands freedom but needs the struggle, feels invincible but great;y fears vulnerability and a loss of control.

Hands up if you know a wood type… *raises her own hand*.

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