Water: The Philospoher.

This element is the start of the cycle.

It’s season? Winter. It’s time of day? Night.

Water is the hidden activity of winter: before seeds germinate they demand a spell of chilly slumber – hibernation.

Hibernation as the essence of where life persists.

Much of the yoga around this element is fluid, moving, changing.

Think of the human body: do we ever stop moving? No, we are a mass of breath and fluid, our bones are suspended, floating in blood and tissue, our breath always moving, all the time.

In the body, the yin is the kidney and the yang is the urinary bladder.

Water is the most yin of all the elements, feminine and powerful, it’s not to be underestimated.

A water type is a visionary, an intellectual, on the search of the relentless quest for truth. Water types uncover knowledge, dispels mystery and erode ignorance.

As the custodian of our memories and dreams, the water type articulates our aspirations and our ends but does not define for us the the machinery of their realisation.

Water is the primeval ooze out of which form materialises as life, it links our past and our future and is the source of our inherited intelligence.

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