So back in May I went on a training course – Embodied Yin – exploring Chinese medicine and yin yoga.

For those of you that don’t know yin, it’s a slower form of yoga, poses are held for longer to get a deeper stretch – and the type that I trained in, well it’s special, for many reasons – in fact too many to list.

The course, as well as being for professional development purposes was also as much for my personal development too, and for that reason I’ve found what I learned very hard to share in my classes until now.

Having moved on a bit emotionally, I feel ready to share some of my learnings, but at the same time I’ll hold back on my personal opinions – because I’m still processing a lot of it.

So a little more understanding of the concept of the yin and yang?

The symbol (you all know it) is moving, ever changing – it represents a synchronicity of events in the inner and outer world of a human organism… the every day life act of balancing… the interior process of nurturing the self (yin) while being engaged with the exterior world (yang).

In layman’s terms, yin is soft, yang is hard, yin is slow, yang is fast, yin is dark, yang is light – you get the idea?

The point is – the two are constantly changing and can sit in each other’s worlds.

A great analogy I got from my textbook ‘Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine’ is that of the mountain.

The sunny side of the mountain is yang and the shady side is yin, but throughout the day the sun will change it’s position and all of a sudden it becomes night. Suddenly, the sunny side has gone from being yang in yang to yang in yin, and the shady side has gone from being yin in yang to yin in yin.

Constantly changing, constantly moving.

I hope you look forward to exploring each element with me through the course of the next five weeks, and I hope you appreciate the bonus blog you got from this too!

Up next, it’s Water…


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