BeerQuestion: What did the yoga teacher say to the barman when he called time at the bar?

Answer: Namaste.

Beer yoga – a combination of my two great loves.

Both of which sooth the mind, body and soul – and like everything, both of which in excess can be bad for you – yes too much weight bearing on the arms in yoga can cause a DVT, we know this – so this is a fact: whether it’s beer or yoga, life is all about everything in moderation.

Why beer yoga? Because I have always wanted to do this (for reasons I will go into) but also because it is festival week in my little town – and I’m off to Godstoneberry this weekend at Flower Farm, where I will be teaching beer yoga.

Why have I always wanted to do this?

  1. Because I love beer and beer yoga is a thing
  2. I believe that anyone can get to yoga somehow, and if it’s through beer, and putting a pint in your hand during a practice – then damn straight I’ll be happy for bringing yoga into someone’s life that didn’t previously have it

So, allow me to get on my high horse a little here – because I’ve received some backlash from yogis who turn their noses up at beer yoga, or goat yoga, or any other kind of yoga that isn’t yoga.

Why is that? Because they see it as a gimmick, a cheap trick to pull in the punters (pardon the pun).

And so what? If you get people doing yoga by giving them a beer, people who have never done yoga before in their lives – why is that a bad thing?

Just because I connect what I do through different means of communication – why does that make it any less yoga?

And while we are on the subject – what is the definition of yoga? Yoga means union – inclusivity, not exclusivity, connection to the mind, body and soul.

And if some people need a beer to connect to their mind, body and soul then give them a bloody beer I say – that’s one more convert to the ways of yogic life, and one less person that will never ever find it.

Beer yoga is not a gimmick, no more than using an oil diffuser in class is, or playing music – it is simply another form of stimulation that allows people to connect with their body, their mind, their soul – it provides union. It is yoga. Yoga is anything you do that helps you connect to who you are – your true being.

And my true being loves beer, loves yoga, and wants to bring yoga into the lives of as many people as I can.

So ranting over – here’s a few more reasons why beer yoga is awesome:

Beer is found to contain anti-cancer properties, as well as other components that can reduce the risk of cardio-vascular diseases, increases bone density, prevents anaemia, slow down ageing, aid the digestive system, facilitate relaxation and so on.

Yoga is therapeutic and facilitates body flexibility, opens skin pores and improves digestion. So in a way beer compliments yoga and through this practice we can understand more about how to appreciate the taste and make up of the beer – drinking mindfully and being aware of the effects that it has on the body.

Thus stopping people from binge drinking.

Beer is great, yoga is great, let’s all have a laugh and enjoy life, enjoy our practice and enjoy what we do – and stop nay saying anyone else’s vision.

If you set out to help people then go and help them – and who cares what anyone else thinks of it – you’re doing a great job without them.

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