BKS Iyengar

The dreaded hammies!

And no, not hamsters – hamSTRINGS!

Yoga makes them sing, or is it scream in most cases? Yeah – for most people this is a troublesome area – specifically is you do a lot of walking, hiking or running.

Don’t do any of that? You don’t escape the torment that is tight hamstrings, not if you sit on your ass at a desk all day, wear shoes all day, or just generally exist – yes the general physical make up of your hamstrings is part of the reasons they are tight.

So in short: we’re all f*cked, we’ve all got tight hamstrings.


Yoga (obvs) can help lengthen them, and yoga can make them feel alllll better.

Your hammies, are the three posterior thigh muscles collectively known as the hamstrings… hamstring, you make my heart sing, you make everything… groovy…. no, actually you don’t you’re the bane of my life.


Because your hammies pick up the slack for a weak set of glutes, a weak core, AND tight pecs – every office workers nightmare right? Sitting, slumping and eating. Boooo down with offices – they are bad for our health!

Don’t believe me? Catch the commuter train – then you’ll see it.

So stretch, stretch, stretch right? Get those hammies feeling bright?

Yes… and no…. we have to be CAREFUL when we stretch out those hams, they need extra love and patience because they do so much for us they are reallllly hard to rest – how can you rest your hamstrings when you need them to walk to the toilet? Yeah – you get me = you can’t do anything without needing to move and you need them to move – so tread carefully with those hams.

And if you do, you should see better flexion of the knee joints and you’ll get to extend your hip joints too, which in turn will give you less lower back pain, less hip problems and less knee problems.

So ham it up and get stretching (with care!)

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