Eagle Eric Thomas

Eagle pose!

The first time in more than a year I picked a pose to work on rather than a theme – truth be told I’m just going with the flow of my body right now and I felt like eagle pose was something I hadn’t looked at in a while so went with that!

The pose requires a lot of strength and focus to balance, along with flexibility in the hips and shoulders.

It’s one of my favourite yoga poses because I can’t do it – it shows that every body shape is different, and that you don’t have to be able to do everything to do yoga – it’s all about practice.

Plus I never like to miss a photo opportunity, you know, so we got a class about eagles thanks to Route 66 😉 (see below!)


What are the spiritual benefits of the pose though? And why is it so tricky for some, and so easy for others?

Well, its notoriously difficult for men because of their larger frames. People with larger legs and larger shoulders have a lot of difficulty because of the wrapping motion required of eagle pose… and this is why I struggle – I have a large frame, I am anything but slight, and my legs just will not wrap around the second time – no matter how much weight I lose (joke, when I say frame, I mean big bones, not weight!!).

When done properly, eagle is a great pose for opening up the shoulders, working on balance, and working on lower body endurance.

Eagle Pose has it all — balance, strength, and flexibility and it will have you twisted up like a knot and holding on as hard as you can not to fall over – and when you unwind, you’ll find that it’s not just your body that feels untangled, but your mind and spirit as well.

Eagle Pose offers wonderful holistic benefits by stimulating the immune system, encouraging balance, and aligning the chakras.

When we cross our legs and arms and squeeze them together to maintain balance. This is similar to the pressure we experience during a massage. This massaging action is a great way to stimulate and release the flow of fresh, immunity yielding blood throughout the body.

It encourages balance which can be totally cleansing for the mind when you’re feeling emotionally off centre.

And it aligns the chakras (energy points running from the base of the tailbone to the crown of the head.)

Eagle Pose lights up the root chakra through the strong connection to the floor, as well as the third eye chakra which we use to help find that focal point. These are two really important chakras to tap into if you’re feeling a little lost. We can think of them as our past and future.

So as an all-rounder this is a great pose to have a play with at home – and maybe bring your eagle arms into variations of Warrior, Lunges and Forward Folds!

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