Jen Sincero

Like as in your own actual butt.

You know that thing that you sit on for 15 million hours a day? (Actually not all of us do – but anyone in an office job will know this feeling).

Either way your bum is something you neglect. FACT.

It’s tense – like really tense, because it carries SO MUCH STRESS.

And don’t tell me you’ve never put your butt through stress – ever tried to hold a fart in? And think how many friggin’ times you’ve done that too?

You are tormenting your bottom, tensing the muscles.

Clenching your teeth? Try it. Chances are you are clenching your bum cheeks too!

Ever had a sports massage and when she gets to your gluten do you think DEAR LORD THAT IS PAINFUL?

Good then it’s not just me then.

Strong, supportive glutes are key to a safe, pain-free yoga practice.

They’re the primary players in many of the movements that make it possible to do yoga. The gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus—along with many other smaller, supporting muscles—act as a base of support for the pelvis and hips.

They help us stand and walk, and even support us when we sit.

Unfortunately, there are a number of ways we jeopardize the health of this important muscle group. For starters, our increasingly hectic lifestyles that lead to “gluteal amnesia,” in which the butt muscles become overstretched and underused (ie: weak).

Likewise though it’s also possible to overuse and over exert them from clenching, running, and hiking. Which means it is important to strengthen them to make them supportive but stretch them so they don’t end up too tight.

There’s not spiritual meaning to this class, one of my students requested a flute class and I answered. So it really is just about kicking your own butt into shape. Simples.

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