Find your Power: I have mine… EmPower… or the power of Emily (yes that’s the play on words in EmPower yoga in case you wondered!)

So what’s your power? And how do you harness it?

Well this was the theme explored in this week’s class, in honour of EmPower yoga’s FIRST birthday (woop) we looked at the theory behind the lightning bolt.

I love this logo for two reasons – one, I love the symbolism behind the lightning bolt, something that has great meaning throughout all different types of mythology (especially Greek which is a total fave of mine), but also its connection to popular culture through David Bowie (and Harry Potter let’s not forget) that use the bolt as a symbol of power and individuality.

Let’s explore…

The lightning bolt happens as a result of immense fire and water – when two opposites attract you get something phenomenal. Think about it – water puts out fire – not in this case, how cool is that?

It’s seen a lot of the time as a symbol of destruction, but the phrase ‘lightning bolt moment’ shows us there is more to it than that, it is also a symbol of enlightenment, clarity, brilliance and power.

So it’s no surprise that Harry Potter is singled out as ‘the boy who lived’ by his miracle lightning bolt scar on his forehead, Lady GaGa has used it, DC Comics’ The Flash uses it, ACDC used it, and KISS used it and the obvious one – the late, great David Bowie used it for his Aladdin Sane symbol.

And what of Bowie? Well he nearly became a Bhuddist Monk, was well into yoga and meditation, and understood the benefits it had for the mind and the soul.

And what did he show us? That it’s ok to be different, that reinventing yourself is a fun thing to do, everything ch-ch-ch-changes and nothing has to be the same if we don’t want it to be, that we have tickets to the best selling show on earth (ie earth and this planet that we live on that is totally awesome and fabulous and we barely even notice it sometimes as we are so busy with everything else going on), and that it’s good to take risks and shake it up a little bit.

My power, I feel, is that I am unashamedly me.

Sometimes it doesn’t work, as not everyone gets me, not everyone likes me – but that’s their decision and it won’t make me change who I am because I like who I am and what I do and how I say things, and I like the types of people I attract – I love each and every one of my students because I know they all like to share in my madness. They know that I never take things too seriously and that I want them to have as much fun participating as I do teaching – and I love each and every one of them for that.

And if people don’t love me? That’s ok, I’m not their cup of tea – we can’t all be everyone’s cup of tea can we? We just have to remember if we are not, that doesn’t mean we aren’t good enough, it just means we are on a different path.

We all have the power of being who we are – every single cell and atom is unique to us. No one sees the world the way we do apart from us, no one talks walks or thinks like us – ok your kids, parents and siblings might, but no one will ever do it the way you do it – because you are, all of us are, 100% original, unique and the real deal.

And that’s something quite powerful in itself isn’t it?

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