Literally the daftest theme yet, dafter than Cher, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and, well all the other ones.

What does it mean to find your tiny dancer?

Nothing, to most people, but a lot of things to me – here comes the context…

The song Tiny Dancer always makes me laugh because I think it’s really funny to see anything tiny and sing about it – for reference here’s an example from one of my Instagram stories:

Oh my god I am so hilarious aren’t I?

And I do this with EVERYTHING, literally (Amanda if you are reading this, I always sing this song when I see your Instagram name pop up – hence the shame you weren’t in class this week or I would have mentioned it as an example – ha!)

Anyway, because I find this funny, it’s a go to bit of amusement for me – it’s part of my inner resource.

What is an inner resource you ask?

Well it’s that bit inside that you tap into when the world seems a bit sh*t.

When you’re frustrated, angry, sad – pop on a song that makes you smile and bring yourself back into balance.

The inner resource though can be so much more than this, it’s a colour (💕), a location, a holiday destination, a festival you went to, some food, a person, an animal – literally anything.

And anything that we can tap into to bring a smile to our face when we need it.

Pink obviously is another resource of mine – that’s why I wear so much of it – it just makes me so damn happy.

And working with colours is usually a good place to start, especially when we are practicing yoga Nidra.

So have a little go next time you meditate and see what you pull up out of your resource, and see if it can help you then next time you’re stuck in a traffic jam!

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