The tree trunk is the centre of a tree, it stands on the roots and it supports the branches and the leaves, it is strong, solid and also it bends, doesn’t break (unless something really big and massive chops into it obviously – but I’m talking like mega huge oak trees here).

Our centre is very much like that, the core (abs, obliques, spine) is the centre of the body which supports us – helps us stand tall, supports our head, helps us breathe more freely, aids digestion (ever been to the theatre right after a big meal and come home with a mad tummy ache? You weren’t allowing your core enough space to digest sat all hunched over in those tiny little seats!)

And much like we need to build a strong core for a healthy body, it’s always good to build a strong core spiritually for a healthy mind.

But where is the centre when it comes to spirituality? In my experience there’s three different types of spiritual centre: The head, The heart and The gut.

Y’all know I live and die by my gut – it leads me to jump before I can walk because I am so determined to succeed, and takes me into the deepest areas of anxiety and worry when I am stressed.

But what about you? What do you think you are led by?

Here’s a little bit of information for you:

If you live from the instinct in your belly… you are probably very practical, and maybe even outgoing. Your to-do list will most likely stretch out long past the end of the week, and that can be VERY stressful. You probably take on way too many tasks to help others even though you are already struggling yourself, and this is because you like to help, regardless of whether it is almost always at your own expense. You most likely unconsciously snack or eat as a way to ground yourself and bring yourself back to reality! You either don’t have time for proper meals or you totally forget to eat.

Top tip: Say to yourself each day that YOU are your top priority and show yourself some respect from time to time.

If you live from the love in your heart… you are probably quite sensitive and in tune with the feelings of others. You may feel very strong emotions and people most likely call you to vent – which means they often dump their emotions on you, making you feel heavy, sad, tired or unfocused. You probably pick up stresses from coworkers and carry them as your own and as a result can maybe forget important tasks or feel overwhelmed by everything that is expected of you. This means you may struggle directing energy where you want to, so you really need to bring yourself back to centre from time to time.

Top tip: Tell yourself to release what no longer serves you and breathe, give yourself some time and space alone.

If you live from the sense in your head… you probably struggle to shut off your mind at night. Your brain is cluttered with projects and you may probably feel like you sometimes have too much to do and are connected to too many things around you. You might be a bit of a worry pot, constantly going over every situation and every outcome of that situation, getting into what is known as a tizzy. Your mind is always active – thinking, scheming, planning or brainstorming.

Top tip: Tell yourself you are loved, supported, and in control. Take screen breaks, step away from things and find something that helps you switch off.

There are many ways to bring us back to centre, when we feel we are going off course (which can literally feel like every second of every day sometimes), but just remembering to tell yourself you are important, you are valued and giving yourself the time to value your own self will help to bring you right back on track.

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