aa milne

It seems utterly daft that we have to remind ourselves to feel into the present, take note of the here and now, but we get so caught up with what went on an hour ago or what we need to do next that we forget to feel right now.

Right now I am presently cold, so in stead of sitting here shivering I am going to turn the heating on… done. I am also presently thirsty so I shall take a sip of water… done.

I am also presently harbouring a world of business plan ideas for my yoga, my digital business, and combining the two together, but I got other things on my to do list today so I am focusing on the here and now and not the next week – that can go on a list for me to come back to… done.

Living in the present isn’t easy, especially when all those notifications on your phone keep shouting at you, and running your own business is literally the worst for that. You don’t stop.

I struggle to remain present at the best of times, (busy mind, busy person!) but in yoga I have always only ever been present.

Through concentration, time, space, silence, the breath, the beauty of each movement – I am so present with yoga it is unreal.

And we always say what we have on the mat we take off the mat.

So this year I am trying this new thing where I remind myself to stay present each day.

Stressed? Go for a walk.

Tired? Rest.

Need a break? Turn off your phone for an hour, half an hour or even ten minutes and life down.

Doing such small and tiny things each day can really help us to stay present and live in the here and the now, in stead of worrying about tomorrow, or dwelling on the past.

It’s a simple message, and a simple blog this week: just stop and think – stay present and the world will fall into place around you.

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