No… not the sort of Tapas where you order all those tasty little dishes and wonder whether it will be enough / too much / whether you got way too many Patatas Bravas (the answer is no, never enough Patatas Bravas).

The sort of Tapas that burns inside you with EXCITEMENT! The passion! The burning enthusiasm… the kind of burning enthusiasm that burns away all other impurities.

So, like for example… my burning enthusiasm for yoga makes me put that beer back in the fridge at 9pm on a Friday night, go to bed at 9.30 so I can get up at 6am on a Saturday morning to practice yoga… does it?

Umm, sometimes, but then I have a burning enthusiasm for beer too, so I’m never sure which passion will win – HA!

Either way – this is what Tapas means… when you burn and yearn and get excited about something awesome, a dream, a desire, a passion, a routine, a way of life and it does so much good for you that everything else in life just becomes more excellent and brilliant and wonderful!

I mean, obvs that is yoga all over for me.

I love it so much I trained to be a teacher so I could share my love for it with all of you.

I love it so much I sneak in yoga poses when I am cooking my tea.

I love it so much I email my builders lonnnnng lengthy emails about what the best sort of yoga is for a bad back (I WILL get them practicing yoga if it kills me!)

I love it so much I teach my niece and nephews the art of ‘letting it go’ when they get in a tantrum – without even realising it.

My love for it reminds me to breathe, take a second, not rush in and take time, and helps me to – I guess – burn away other impurities.

I love it so much it is there when all else fails, it’s the only thing that can get me back.

So passion, what are YOU passionate about?

WHAT makes your heart sing?

What do you LOVE?

What thing gives you a never changing ENERGY of brilliance and greatness?

Whatever it is – harness it!


Easier said than done if you don’t live from the Manipura chakra like I do – I burn from the fire in my belly – I am driven by passion and enthusiasm. But if you’re not?

Do a strength building yoga practice, twist from the core and feel strong – stoke that ‘agni’ or inner fire that comes from the Maniupra chakra.

Or better still – do one thing each day that scares you – and feel the rush and the strength you get off that.

Build and train that fire.

Stand up for yourself or a friend, say I CAN do this, stand tall, stand proud, push yourself, be brave, and fall into whatever it is you wish to do with an open heart full of love, abundance and pure blazing passionate fire.

Because baby, you’re a FIREWORK! BOOM!

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