Esther Hicks

As my dear, dear friend Aviva would say: BYOS.



Because as the quote says, being happy has naff all to do with anyone else, we make our own happiness, and we make our own luck.

Not happy or content? Ask yourself why and change it!

I’ve been working with intentions this week as part of further yoga training I am currently doing, building on my own meditation practice, and my intention is to welcome less.

Sounds weird, and actually was an amusing suggestion from Aviva joking about the fact that I always have so much going on, I always say yes, and I’m always willing to help. But lately I’ve found it’s been wearing me down a bit, so she said “maybe you need to welcome less?”

She’s right, of course, as always – I just need to welcome less and find contentment with where I am. Not where I need to be on my to do list, not where I want to be in my life, looks, weight or whatever.

Welcome less noise, less ego, less internal tension and just be content.

You’ll be pleased to know it’s working – I’m finding contentment off the mat this week and as a result I’m sleeping better, and I feel happier (if that’s possible!), and my husband said this week how relaxed I looked – nice to hear right?

On the mat, this WAS always an issue for me, I was never happy with where I was and wanted to do more, but I’ve really come to terms with contentment on the mat since training as a teacher.

Why? Because the truth is, whether we can walk on our hands or whether we find staying in downward facing dog for more than ten breaths a challenge – there will always be further to go and more to explore in our practice.

And ain’t that just the beauty of it?! There’s always more asanas to explore, there’s always more practice to develop – I love learning and yoga really is the eternal gift of education – there’s always so much more to learn, something new to play with and I just love that completely.

But finding contentment on the mat wasn’t an easy find – which is why, like Aviva, I invite you to BYOS – bring your own Santosha to your practice and remind yourself of these three things:

  • Lose the assumptions

Don’t assume anything – that’s your ego talking – tell it to shut up, welcome less noise from it and just enjoy the moment.

  • Let go of what you can’t control

Remember? Relaxed mind relaxed muscles? Freedom to go deeper into the pose? It’s all science baby.

  • Focus on the good

You are here. You turned up. You are doing what thousands aren’t. Look how far you’ve come, remember what you were like at the start of your practice. Can’t remember and don’t see any progress? Ask your teacher (and please if you are one of my students – ASK ME!)

Love yoga? Then love it – unconditionally and turn your mind off to all the neg. We don’t need any negging around here.

One thought on “Find Santosha

  1. Hey Pretty Lady,
    Thank you so much for yet another inspiring, challenging, fun workout. My body feels stretched and my mind so much lighter. It’s reminded me to keep on doing things that spark joy 🙂 xxxx

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