Henry David Thoreau

I don’t really feel like I need to find connection or community to be honest when I have yoga, through yoga the community and connection to others finds me.

I feel so fortunate to have met such excellent people through my yoga practice – other local teachers who have collaborated, nurtured and helped me, other teachers in training like my yogi brothers and sisters from my teacher training course, gurus like my teacher Debbie and, of course, my amazing students who come to my classes.

A couple of weeks ago, one student sent me an image – a ‘saw this and thought of you moment’ – it was an inspirational quote (the one you see above).

It struck a chord in her so much that she felt like she had to share it.

At that moment in time I happened to actually be having a ‘moment’. I’m not going into detail, but let’s just say what was happening at that moment had got me down. Something from my past had upset me and was currently blurring my vision for what the future would be.

Then I read that quote. Perfectly timed.

What was happening to me was something I could deal with, maybe not in the way I wanted at that moment, but I knew that inside me I had the power to accept what had happened so that I could move on and be ok in the future.

It’s difficult to explain without saying what exactly happened, but think of it this way: sometimes you can give all your energy to someone you love, only to realise that they never really loved you back. At that point in time you are both sad in the realisation that what you have loved has gone, but also sad to a different extent that you’ve just realised they never really loved you anyway. You are both hurt and angry at the same time. Betrayed and depressed. You miss something and hate it all in one feeling.

But what lies inside you is the power to change this narrative.

What if in stead of this sad thing, it becomes a blessing? Ok, so what happened sucks, but now you know you can move on. Forget wasting time on a one way relationship and bring your energy and attention back to those who mean the most. Think of all that wasted energy you now have for someone else. Think of all that time you now have for yourself.

And more importantly, did you learn anything from it? Yes, that the ego once again ruled the heart, remember that, remember that feeling – it’s useful to note so that you can recognise when it happens again.

And what else? I learned that the smallest gesture can say a million and one things. A million and one things more than the person giving the gesture will ever know.

I felt so inspired by this gesture I wrote this week’s class around it – on the power of community and connection.

When we are better connected with ourselves we can connect better with others, and when we lose sight of ourselves it’s those others that can bring us back to who we are.

The circle of life.

As BKS Iyengar said: “Yoga is firstly for individual growth, but through individual growth, society and community develop”.

Thank you all for connecting with me and being part of my community.


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