Dr ZeussY’all should know by now that when we practice yoga we’re not only working on our physical body but also our energy and mind.And as we know – as we grow in our yoga practice, we grow in our lives (what we practice on the mat we take off the mat)… we feel more comfortable in our bodies, we have more energy, our emotions become more stable and our minds more focused.Yoga helps to still the mind – I mean obviously, it’s calming, right?When we practice we are encouraged not to compare, to keep our attention inward, to focus on the self.The reason? Well, how can you keep stable in a pose if you aren’t listening to what your body needs? Sure the teacher can guide your alignment, give you tips and hints, but only you know what your body needs at that moment in time.When we learn to still our minds, we free ourselves of negative and limiting thoughts.If we still our minds, we give ourselves more space to make intuitive (and therefore wiser) decisions.The balancing of the mind balances the body.So next time you’re struggling to find stability in a crescent lunge, think to yourself: “Do I need to draw my back leg in a bit?” Ask yourself “Am I going too far?”We talk about the balance of Sthira and Sukha – steadiness and ease a lot in yoga. Self regulation is key to really nurturing a truly beneficial practice.Your teacher will often say ‘listen to your body, do what feels right for you, only go as far as you need’ – but does your mind take any of that on board?I’ll always own up to every aspect of this – guilty as charged – sometimes in class I hear what I am saying and make an adjustment based on what I am telling everyone else. It’s not easy when the ego rules.Although there is a physical aspect of strength and flexibility required for the body to hold itself in a pose (which yoga will help you improve), there is only so much that the strength and flexibility can do in a pose if your energy and your mind are not in balance.And yeah, you guessed it, that goes for life too.

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