Dr Ian MalcolmLife always finds a way.

The impossible is never impossible, it’s just not possible right now, or even better, it is possible.

Ok so I love Jurassic Park as well as Star Wars, and ok so I though Lizard Pose was the closest I could get to a dinosaur pose and YES, ok I admit it, Lizard Pose is best practiced with props for some (some meaning me included) – it’s a tricky pose.

So… adding that together we get a class themed around props and blocks to prove that if you think you can’t do a yoga pose – LIFE FIND A WAY! (And by life I mean blocks, straps, bolsters, cushions, the list goes on…)

Your yoga props are your best friends. There is NO SHAME in using them – in fact you’ll only truly move forward in your asana practice if you invite these props in with open arms – don’t think of them as ‘the things you use when you are the class dunce.’

Think of them as experience, exploration, playfulness and invitation to find something new in the pose.

Usually I take what we learn in life off the mat in these blogs, and ok so you could apply that to daily life: don’t do it all on your own – don’t struggle under the weight of your stresses, share the load, know it’s ok to ask for help – use life’s props… but you know that already, right? Course you do!

So going back to your asana practice, and remembering – comparison is the thief of joy – don’t be ashamed, scared or embarrassed to use props!

If you have no block, use a book.

No strap? Use a belt!

No bolster? A cushion.

Roll up part of your mat, use a wall, a chair, explore, evolve, delve and discover!

Soon enough you’ll realise that Dr Ian Malcolm was right*… life ALWAYS finds a way.

*Admittedly he was talking about dinosaurs, but still, you get what I mean!

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