Marilyn Monroe

It sounds so simple doesn’t it? But actually following your heart takes a lot of courage.

Following our hearts can sometimes be simple: “I love that chocolate cake so I am going to eat it.”

Sometimes, however, it is anything but.

Following your heart may require you to face your biggest fears, you might have to expose yourself to others in ways you never have, opening yourself up to vulnerability, perhaps even failure.

When we open our hearts in yoga, we might come into a backbend, if not practiced carefully we can expose ourselves to injury, and it can be scary to let go and put your trust and faith in gravity when you stand fully exposed with your heart to the sky.



During a heart centred meditation we might tap into some deep emotional chords ands bring something up that we hadn’t realised was there, and from chanting we could stir up emotion or feeling that can expose the heart to sadness or pain.

This is why many of us don’t open or follow our hearts, because we fear getting hurt.

For example, I knew from the second I met my husband that I loved him, but I waited seven months to tell him for fear he might think I was too keen, or worst a little mad!

On the first day of yoga teacher training I told my fellow students I was there ‘to learn more about yoga, I didn’t want to teach’… I lied, to protect myself. I was scared that people would think I wasn’t good enough to be a teacher, I was worried what they would think, so I hid the truth.

And sometimes, in order to follow our hearts that’s what we need to do, safely taking a huge leap of faith and trusting that it will work out in the end.

But what if we all got a little bit more open with our hearts? About sharing and caring and understanding? And what if we all felt less fear in letting go, doing what we love and standing strong in our truth.

Would there not be a little more compassion and a little less judgement in the world?

Next time someone asks you to open your heart in a yoga class, feel into what that really means for you. Where can you take that feeling of openness off the mat and into your life? Where can you take some courage and spread the love?


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