I’ve often joked that yoga is my superpower.

Yoga has taught me patience, to let go of jealousy, anger and fear. It’s shown me that if I keep working at something, little by little I will see change, and most importantly it’s given me a new outlet to connect and communicate with people.

It’s enabled me to share something I love with the world, and hopefully little by little from that, those people will be able to find a little bit more love and light in their worlds so that they can share it out too.

Sometimes we can lack courage, bravery or loyalty – all the traits a superhero prides his or herself on.

Distractions, daily life and the actions of others can cloud our judgement and maybe lead us to make the wrong decisions sometimes, because it is the easier option.

It’s easier to buckle under peer pressure, say yes when we really want to say no, or put too much pressure on ourselves than it is to take a moment to find balance, create space, and decide how we can tackle the problem fully.

Balances, aside from looking like a superhero flying through the sky, enable us to focus the mind and create that space we need to mentally find this ‘pause for thought’.

Dharana (one of the eight limbs of yoga) or ‘focused concentration’, is something we get from a balance: In order to focus on something (ie the act of balancing), the senses must withdraw so that all of our attention is put on that point of concentration, and in order to draw our senses in, we must focus and concentrate intently.

In life we can do this either by standing on one leg to create some space (honestly this is no joke – try it, it really works!) or we can turn off our phones, close Facebook, Instagram or ignore Whats App notifications, and move from distracted to focused concentration giving all of our attention to the task in hand; be that lunch with a friend, the latest episode of Homeland or helping your child with their homework.

By shutting out the white noise we can concentrate intently on the joy of life. The laughter of a loved one, the sun peeping through the clouds, the smell of freshly cut grass – all those little things we can sometimes take for granted.

So the next time you get distracted, lack courage or feel fear, create space find some balance (maybe even stand on one leg?) and let the superhero inside you do the talking and the walking.

Click here to listen to my Superhero guided meditation

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