George BErnard Shw post

How often as an adult do we get time to play? And even if we did get time – would we actually use it?

Sure when we’ve had a few beers we have no fear in getting up on the microphone in karaoke, busting your best Will from the Inbetweeners moves on the dance floor, or getting up to crazy japes like racing shopping trolleys in the supermarket car park (we put them back after – I promise!).

But when we are not under the influence, as adults, how often do we actually play?

Unless you’re creative, you sing, dance and perform regularly, or you’re part of a sports team, you might struggle to find an opportunity to play.

But when did we suddenly stop doing what we did so naturally as a child? Perhaps when we became aware of what others might think?

As a child, you don’t care, through the art of play children can explore, build, create, communicate, dance, sing and discover.

When children play they are connected to what they enjoy, creativity is boosted and depression is reduced

Not only this but children retain so much information – why is that? Because playing keeps your mind and memory sharp, as it increases all the happy hormones that do all the good stuff to your mood (in want of a less technical way of describing it!)

So how can we as adults play?

  • Put on your favourite song and dance
  • Play board games
  • Join a sports team
  • Paint a picture

Yes, yoga is ALL about the art of play!

Where else can you roll around on a mat kicking your legs up in the air, stand on your head or your hands, roar like a lion, fly like an eagle and hop like a bunny in a room full of other adults doing the same thing?

Through yoga postures you can be creative, explore, discover and communicate – you can test your boundaries, go to your edge, and beyond (if you want to!)

And you know what? It’s Easter, spring is here, the new season has breathed life into nature, and suddenly the world has come out of hibernation from winter – so this is the perfect time to play!

Get outdoors start exploring the wonders of this new season: the blue skies, the daffodils, the fresh air and the promise of summer.

Put some playtime into your practice and explore a different posture, or tackle a posture in a different way – explore with movement, music and mudras!

Play with the thrill that happy hormones give you and what it feels like to be a child again – treat yourself to an Easter egg or two too – and experience the feeling of being alive, well and truly alive.

Happy Easter! 🐣

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