This is one of my all-time favourite quotes from the original warrior princess – the late Carrie Fisher.

As an Aries star sign, and Pitta dosha (one of the three energies in Ayurvedic medicine believed to circulate in the body and govern physiological activity… more on that another time), I live from the fire in my belly.

Someone once told me, ‘Emily you are fearless’, I guess I’d never thought about it – but when I set my mind to something I go out there and do it.

Take EmPower yoga for example, after eight months of practicing yoga I decided to leave a career of television journalism and digital media behind to become a yoga teacher… ok so the digital media still pays the mortgage – but nothing happens overnight right?

Either way, this new fire in my belly – this yogic fire, is now turning me into the most fearless female warrior I have ever been… so fearless in fact that I want to share this feeling with others, in the hope that I might ignite a flame within them.

So of course there’s a reason why I chose 8th March (International Women’s Day) to be the launch day for my new yoga classes: so that I can start this new chapter of my life with the support of all the other women warriors (and some of the men too!) out there.

And naturally that meant that the first EmPower #FindYourFearleass class flow had to be inspired by the one and only virabhadrasana (or warrior)… AKA your inner strength.

The warrior postures at first glance seem far from yogic – strong fighting postures – surely that’s going against everything yoga stands for?

True, but the poses are not actually about fighting someone else, they are in fact about being strong within yourself.

Virabhadra is a fierce warrior, translated the name means ‘hero friend’, and the poses represent his path to righteousness after the realisation of his wrong doings.

The warrior postures therefore symbolise our own place on earth as the fallible souls that we are and the inner strength that we need to survive day to day.

We all make mistakes (we are only human after all) but we become true warriors when we learn from these mistakes.

Life’s battles may scale beyond control sometimes, but so long as we have our spiritual warrior inside of us, we are fully equipped to deal with these battles with the right weapons – weapons of compassion and forgiveness.

The fierce warrior teaches us to draw our inner focus, these postures help us overcome our ego and ignorance, and navigate the complicated world of relationships and emotions.

With the guidance of our inner warrior, we have nothing to fear, because we are equipped and prepared to face that fear head on.

The warrior in me recognises the warrior in you, so #FindYourFearless and feel EmPowered.


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